The Kingdom of God:

Part 1 – Sovereign and Subjects

Session #2 The Submission of Man

46 minutes

1. The Perfect Example of Submission

1.1 Missing the Point

1.2 Modeling the Prototype

  • a) The Decision in Heaven (Heb 10:1-10)
    • The eternal covenant between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    • The Son agrees to the terms of the covenant: “I have come to do your will.” (v.7)
    • A pierced Body and a pierced Ear – Heb 10:5; Ps 40:6-8
  • b) The Decision in Jerusalem (Luke 2:41-52)
    • “I must be about my Father’s business.” (v.49)
    • He was subject to his parents
    • He grew
  • c) The Decision in Gethsemane (Mark 14:32-36)
    • “Your will be done” (v.36)
    • He was subject to Pilate.

1.3 Making the Promise

The choice between:

  • Jesus (Son of the Father)
  • Barabbas (son [bar] of his father [abba]) – cf. Jn 8:44

53 mins

2. The Proper Expressions of Submission

2.1. Servant Living: Governing authorities (Rom 13:1,2)

  • a) Parents (Eph 6:1,2)
    • Children obey ...
    • Honor your father and mother
  • b) Employers (Col 2:22-24)
  • c) Politicians (Rom 13:1ff)
  • d) Church (Heb 13:17)
  • e) Bible (2Tim 3:16,17)
    • Only 9% of US teenagers who call themselves born again Christians believe there is any such thing as absolute truth. [Barna research online: “The year’s most intriguing findings” 15/8/02].
    • The great majority of Americans believe they actually keep the 10 Commandments. But only 13% think that each of these commandments has a moral validity, 74% say they will steal without compunction, 64% say they will lie if it is to their advantage to do so and 53% say they will commit adultery given the chance. [David Wells: “Losing our Virtue” p.58f]
  • “The Bible is authoritative on everything to which it speaks. And it speaks of everything.” [Cornelius Van Til]

2.2 Servant Learning: Gaining authority

  • 1Sam 16:11 submissive to father despite excitement of Samuel’s visit
  • 1Sam 16:19-22 submissive to father and king
  • 1Sam 17:20 submissive to father and king
  • 1Sam 18:5 submissive to father and king
  • 1Sam 18:25,27 double faithfulness to king.

2.3 Servant Leadership: Given authorization

Brian Watts is Pastor of The King's Community Church and lives in Langley with his wife Rosalind.
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