Salvation in Christ Alone

Can people be saved by the Christ whom they do not know?

In this 10 part audio series, Brian Watts challenges us to think about who can be saved. Is it necessary to have conscious faith in Christ in order to be saved by Him, or is it possible to enjoy salvation through the finished work of Christ without ever knowing Him personally? What happens to those who never have the opportunity to hear the Gospel? What happens to infants who never reach an age of understanding?

In this series, Brian interacts with the perspectives laid out in three books:

John Piper – “Let the Nations be Glad:  the Supremacy of God in Missions” 
Baker Books; 1993) 
Ch. 4 – The Supremacy of Christ as the Conscious Focus of all Saving Faith

D.A.Carson – “The Gagging of God: Christianity confronts Pluralism”  
(Zondervan: 1996)
– an exclusivist approach

Terrance L Tiessen – “Who Can be Saved?  Reassessing Salvation in Christ and world Religions”  (IVP; 2004)
– An inclusivist approach

A general introduction to our subject in the form of a message given to the S&L North American (West) Leaders Conference in May 2008

Audio 1 :
The Spirit of the Lord is upon ME (Lk 4:16-22)

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Part 1 : Considering the Alternative Views

Audio 2.1 : 33 mins
Audio 2.2 : 23 mins
Audio 2.3 : 32 mins

Part 2 : Presuppositions of Pluralism and/or Inclusivism

Audio 3.1 : 36 mins
Audio 3.2 : 30 mins
Audio 3.3 : 23 mins

Part 3 : Looking at some relevant, but disputed, passages

Audio 4.1 : 33 mins 
Audio 4.2 : 21 mins

Conclusion: What is at stake?

Audio 5 : 18 mins

Brian Watts is Pastor of The King's Community Church and lives in Langley with his wife Rosalind.
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