The Trinity

In this series of 3 audio messages, Brian Watts presents the Doctrine of the Trinity. We take a look at this important subject from a number of different angles. Firstly we look at the foundational biblical data upon which the doctrine is founded. Then in the second lecture we view the subject from a historical perspective: we see how important the doctrine of the Trinity is when we appreciate the lengths to which our forefathers were prepared to fight for the truth. Then in the third lecture, we consider the practical implications of living in a world created by a Trinitarian God and created in the image of the God who is Three-in-One. Theology is never abstract; understanding these issues should change our lives!

Brian Watts presented this material to a Leaders Conference in Vernon for the western leaders of Salt & Light Ministries in North America.

Outline of Messages:

I. The Doctrine of the Trinity: A Biblical Basis

II. The Doctrine of the Trinity: An Historical Perspective

III. The Doctrine of the Trinity: Some Practical Implications

Brian Watts is Pastor of The King's Community Church and lives in Langley with his wife Rosalind.
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