The Trinity : 3

The Doctrine of the Trinity: Some Practical Implications

Trinity is stamped into the very fabric of the universe. God in himself has both unity and diversity – so unity and diversity are seen in all that he has created. The recording lasts 53 minutes.

1. Mathematics

If God was not a Trinity, we would not be able to do Math. Even the simplest math would make no sense if the universe were not constructed on a Trinitarian model.

2. Politics

Throughout history, politics has been a bloody arena in which the conflict of ideas revolving around “The One and the Many” has been fought. In ancient Greece:

  • Athens stressed the ultimate importance of the many: individualism
  • Sparta stressed the ultimate of the One: collectivism / Statism

3. The Family

In Marriage: the arithmetic may be different but the principle is the same: when a man and woman are married, the two become one.

4. Church Planting.

Does the “Homogeneous Unit” principle of Church Growth theorists reflect the truth of the Trinity?

5. Church community

"I relate therefore I am!"

a) The essence of our being

b) Our experience of the Body (1Cor 12:27)

  • Identity: “You are BODY of Christ”.
  • Ownership. “You are body OF CHRIST.”

c) The expression of body life (1Cor 12:15-27)

  • Don't underestimate the importance of the parts (1Cor 12:15-19)
  • Don't overestimate the importance of the parts (1Cor 12:20-26)
  • Recognize the essential nature of unity (1Cor 12:27)

6. Worship

“Christian worship is our participation through the Spirit in the Son’s communion with the Father.” (James B Torrance)

Brian Watts is Pastor of The King's Community Church and lives in Langley with his wife Rosalind.
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