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We are seeking a new Lead Elder Pastor



The King’s Community Church (www.tkc.com) is a closely-knit family of believers who are earnestly praying and seeking God for a Lead Elder/Pastor to move us forward in the exciting things that God is doing in our midst. Our current Lead Elder/Pastor has served and guided us for the past 30 years and is looking to the future for a new leader to take his place.


We are about 80 -100 people who meet in Langley, BC, where our facilities include a Christian school, located in a rural area but near rapidly growing neighborhoods. We see God moving in us with a younger generation going forward with zeal, along with the wisdom of our more experienced members supporting them in this.


We at King’s highly value handling the Word of God with integrity and would best be described theologically as having a reformed perspective with a charismatic expression. We are a missions-based church with a heart for the nations. Through prayer and finances, to varying degrees, we have a supportive relationship with about 17 different missionary works.


It is our hope and desire to find a person in whom God is moving, to take on the responsibility of guiding and leading us, while joining with us in relationship and growth.



Role and Expectations:


The position is that of lead elder and pastor. This is the person who will take initiative with both the big perspective of vision and guidance for our church in the years ahead, and also in the day-to-day needs such as pastoral caring and administrative duties, along with a pastoral team.


It is essential that this man be of excellent character, with the traits outlined in Titus 1:5-9, and also have maturity and wisdom with the stability of spiritual and life experience.  This role needs the training, appreciation of the exegetical process, and education necessary to be a “Defender of the truth” of God’s Word.  We see this as especially vital in the role of leadership as we desire to stand in the shifting tides of our current culture.


The King’s School (www.thekingsschool.org) has been a part of the ministry of our church for more than 30 years.  As Christian Education has been a central part of our values, it will be important for this pastor to have a similar heart and vision for the training and equipping of our children.


It is important that this person has a heart for evangelism, as we see The Lord particularly moving us toward a more outward focus. We see the pastoral role as one of equipping us, with foundational teaching and preaching, to be able to “give an account for [our] faith” (1 Peter 3:15).


We are looking for this leader to have compatible theological convictions with us, so that there is harmony of purpose in the body. We focus on the sovereignty of God in his dealings with man, have a post-millennial perspective, and desire to be exercising the gifts of the Spirit. We highly value our open expression of worship, where people have opportunity to pray or bring a word, as the Spirit of God moves. Therefore, it is important for us to have a pastor that would encourage and support these convictions.





We seek a Pastor who:

  • Has formal theological training
  • Is a preacher/teacher able to exegete and impart life and inspiration to the body, having already demonstrated an ability to preach, so that there is real-life application of the Word to people’s everyday lives
  • Has a deep knowledge of scripture to guide the body and answer hard questions
  • Is an effective communicator with a track record of being able to listen well and speak into situations assertively, yet with grace, in times of conflict or difficulty
  • Has the ability and willingness to both mentor, and be accountable to a mentor
  • Is able and willing to collaborate with the elders, sharing the leadership role
  • Has the ability to develop broad relationships across age groups, and the body as a whole, without over-focusing on select groups or individuals
  • Has demonstrated the ability, from knowledge and experience, to counsel and encourage church members and support those who are suffering
  • Is a successful example of leadership in his own home, and therefore be seen as fit to lead our church effectively
  • Models a vibrant, active prayer life and personal walk with Jesus
  • Has a minimum of 2-3 years’ pastoral experience in one church



How to Apply:


Please email the documents listed below to Don Craig, Associate Pastor at pastorsearch@tkc.com

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume, including employment details
  • Personal Statement of Faith and Worldview
  • Written statement outlining an issue which you see is critical both to the culture of our day and the Church, and how you would lead the Church in responding to such an issue (maximum 1 page).



*Please note a criminal record check is required prior to beginning employment.






F: 604.888.0977