What in the World is Happening?

Audio #4 : 47mins : Life and death in the city (Part 1) : Isaiah 26:1-21

Urbanization is one of the big trends of our day; what does God think of the city?

1. The Ups and Downs of City Life (vs.1-6)

a. An invitation

b. A Warning

2. The Upsides and Downsides of City Life (vs 7-18)

a. Straight but not straightforward: Seeking God

b. Some saved, but not all: Seeking revival

c. Set free, but slowly: Seeking sanctification

d. Supplication, but not success: Seeking fruit

3. The Upside-Down City (vs 19-21)

a. In the end: Trusting for resurrection

b. In the meantime: Taking up residence

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