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Audio #5 : 52mins : Life and death in the city (Part 2) : Isaiah 26:1-21

God's call is for his people to live in a strong city rather than a safe suburb

Isaiah sings a Song about a City - he's that excited about City Life!

  • We live in the Suburbs but invite the City into our Living Rooms
  • We pursue the Dick Whittington dream of the Good Life - but now in the suburbs where our mind is stayed on the middle-class worldview of the American Dream
  • It is hard to understand the biblical notion of the "Kingdom of God" because we have moved from a monarchy to a democracy; it is hard for us to understand the biblical notion of "The City of God" because we have moved from the city to the suburbs
  • Suburbs are places of individualism rather than community
  • There is no long term loyalty to a suburb
  • In the suburbs we have separated ourselves from the poor and the powerful
  • We don't "pray for the peace of a suburb" in the way that we would "pray for the peace of the city" (like Jerusalem)
  • The paradigm of suburbanization has now affected our view of the church.
  • Peace is found in the Strong City (v.3): Peace from the wrath of God / The Peace of the well-being of the community / Personal subjective peace
  • Peace comes from a mind stayed on the Lord: Jesus is the fixed point from which all our thoughts radiate
  • But if the Church can learn to be "the city of God", we can learn how to serve God's vision for the "the City of Man"

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