What in the World is Happening?

The upheaval of the postmodern era; Isaiah saw it all before!

In this 8-part audio series, Brian Watts takes a look at Isaiah chapters 23 to 27. We live in times of enormous upheaval as the optimism of the modern era is eclipsed by postmodernism. We face challenges  in economic affairs, a population explosion, and environmental threats. But there is nothing new under the sun! Isaiah gave a profound perspective on surprisingly similar upheavals in his day, and also saw God’s long term vision for the future of the world. These chapters help us to understand what is happening.

1. You can't take it with you. 60mins
Facing the possibility of economic collapse: can we assume ever-increasing prosperity?

2. Hope in the midst of chaos. 55 mins
Population explosion, or “Where have all the young men gone?”

3. The good news of judgement. 52 mins
Judgmentalism is the Big Sin in a postmodern era; but Judgment is our Big Need

4. Life and death in the city (Part 1). 47 mins
Urbanization is one of the big trends of our day; what does God think of the city?

5. Life and death in the city (Part 2). 52 mins
God’s call is for his people to live in a strong city rather than a safe suburb

6. Life and death in the city (Part 3). 56 mins
The Call to be Citizens – a spiritual rather than a geographical reality (Phil 3:17-21)

7. Life and death in the city (Part 4). 49 mins
Urbanization. God loves the city more than the country because it is filled with people, and he loves people more than plants.

8. What’s it going to take? 62 mins
Isaiah understands what is happening in the world, and where it is all leading. He also knows what it will take to get us there.

Brian Watts is Pastor of The King's Community Church and lives in Langley with his wife Rosalind.
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