Curriculum starting with the Bible

What do we learn in school? If Jesus is “The Word”, what do the language arts look like? Could we count the number of apples in a basket if God were not “Trinity”? How can we make the Bible the starting point for every aspect of our learning?

In this 60 minute message, Brian Watts challenges us to re-think the foundations of what our children need to learn. Christian schools and home-schoolers must view their curriculum though a Christian lens.

If “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov 1:7), then we must have a starting point for all our learning that is fundamentally different to the foundation upon which secular education is based.  How different is such a curriculum if it is built on this foundation?

This message was given to the B.C. Christian Home Educators’ Convention in Kelowna in 2007.  Brian’s desire was to demonstrate that the Bible speaks of all of life, and to give practical insights on how we might develop every area of curriculum if we start with what the Bible teaches rather than what the public school system teaches. The material presented in this message is developed further in Brian’s book “What do you learn in School?”

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1. Changing how we think

2. A Bible-based curriculum

  • 2.1 Reading
    a) The importance of words
    b) Reading in a visual culture
  • 2.2. Writing
    a) Clarity
    b) Literature
  • 2.3 Dominion Studies
    a) Math
    b) Science and Vocational Training
  • 2.4 Heritage Studies
    a) History
    b) Geography
  • 2.5 Worship
    a) The Arts: creativity or craftsmanship?
    b) The arts and "spirit"
  • 2.6 Health
    a) Home Economics
    b) Physical Education
  • 2.7 Government
    a) Legal System
    b) Economics
    c) War
    d) Politics
  • 2.7 Government
    a) Legal System
    b) Economics
    c) War
    d) Politics
Brian Watts is Pastor of The King's Community Church and lives in Langley with his wife Rosalind.
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