The difference between unity and compromise

Charles Spurgeon was involved in a 19th century battle with liberalism in “The Down-Grade Controversy”.

This sermon is one of a series of five.

1. Introduction

  • C.H.Spurgeon: “The fight is killing me”

2. The Enemy

  • The Down-Grade Controversy
  • Some prevalent beliefs:
  • The Bible is not inspired, but fallible
  • Jesus is human but not divine
  • God’s character is pure benevolence
  • Man is not fallen

3. The Fight

  • Articles in “The Sword and Trowel”
  • The 1887 Annual Meetings of the Baptist Union
  • Spurgeon:
  • “With deep regret we abstain from assembling with those whom we dearly love and heartily respect, since it would involve us in a confederacy with those with whom we can have no communion in the Lord.”
  • “Fellowship with known and vital error is participation in sin”

4. The Challenge

  • The 1920’s: B.B.Warfield, J.G.Machen: Fundamentalism
  • 1984: Francis Schaeffer: “The Great Evangelical Disaster:
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