We are a congregation in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, with a vision to serve Jesus Christ whom we worship as Lord and Saviour. Our desire is to see His government acknowledged in every area of life and throughout the world over which He rules as King of Kings. We hope you enjoy your visit to this site.

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  Audio Seminars & Downloads:
Foundations of the Gospel
Salvation – What and How?
Salvation in Christ Alone
The Kingdom of God on earth

The Great Tribulation
How's it all going to end?
Parenting Pre-Teens
Is adolescence really necessary?
Shooting Arrows
  What in the world is happening?
Spritual Gifts
Can a Christian have a demon?
Some things are worth fighting for
Dating vs Courtship New version
The Trinity
The History of the Christian Church
The Authority of Scripture
How to Read the Bible
How to Study the Bible
  Some popular issues:
Christian Basics
Dating vs Courtship
What about the Dinosaurs?
Brian Watts on Education :
Our vision for The King's School
Curriculum starting with the Bible
Download The Treasure in the Field
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